Located in Goa, India, Baga Beach is a popular beach and one of the best tourist destinationsin North Goa. Visited by thousands of tourists every year, this beach contains fishing boats and rows of shacks. It is named after Baga Creek which empties into Arabian Sea.With majestic white waves, white sand and palm trees, this beach looks no less than any painting. Interestingly, at high tides thisbeach is narrow.

In late evening, Baga Beach’s shacks come to life with amazing customer service and music blasting. It is famous for its nightlife with famous clubs such as Mambos, Titos and Brittos. One can expect to enjoy cool morning breeze and see beautiful sunsets. This beach is also a hub for adventure water sports including jet skiing, banana ride, parasailing, dolphin cruises and boating.

Some other attractions near to Baga Beach are Calangute beach, Mackie's Saturday night bazaar, Anjuna Market, Atlantis water sport, Tibetan market and Blue Whale Water Park. Alsoknown for fishing, this beach is famous for salty bath, as this river has heavy waves among other beaches. Additionally, the Baga River flows from one side which is best place for children who love water. Furthermore, visitors can see group of black rocks against where sea crashes.