Sarnath in Uttar Pradesh (just minutes away from the holy city of Varanasi) is one of major sites for Buddhist. The holy place is where Lord Buddha first delivered sermons after attaining enlightenment. While in Sarnath, make sure you visited the renowned Ashoka Pillar which was built by Emperor Ashoka during his reign. About 15.24 m in height and 50 tons in weight, the Pillar has a four-lion sculpture placed atop.

More so, Ashoka Pillar in Sartnath has utmost religious, spiritual and archeological significance which makes it perhaps one of the most visited spots in India. The Pillar has engraved on it the edicts of Ashoka that coveys about the data of erection and commissioner. Ashoka visited Sarnath around mid-3rd century BC and this pillar records that event as well. The Pillar with its lion is now the official emblem of modern India.

The pillar of Ashoka at Sarnath is famous worldwide for many things and its edict is one of them. The edict has an inscription giving a peek into the Buddhist community. The four lions atop the Pillar face the four cardinal directions and are believed to be a symbol of Lord Buddha’s life. So, when in Sarnath, take time out and visit this Pillar and understand the country better.