The Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls is located 19 kms from Kottayam, in the south of the state of Kerala in India. The waterfall provides a serene location to enjoy some real peaceful time in nature’s lap. The scenic beauty of this waterfall makes it a famous tourist attraction and a picnic spot.

The waterfall gushes down the mountain from a height of 100 feet, making the surroundings a charismatic landscape amidst the rubber plantations. The waterfall is also a frequent spot for shooting movies. Seeing the waterfall streams cascade down in five steps and the roaring water making its path through the highland is real feast to the eyes.

The rubber plantations in backdrop of the waterfall is also considered an ideal place for trekking. Visitors also get the advantage of visiting the old St. Mary’s Church situated near the waterfall. The best time to visit here is after monsoons when the waterfall and the surrounding greenery displays natural splendor.

Whenever you visit Kerala and its world famous backwaters, you get a chance to visit the appealing Aruvikkuzhi Waterfall situated 2 kms from Kumarakom, which is one of the various backwater regions. And once you reach there, you are all set to behold enchanting natural beauty.