Arikamedu is an archaeological site of historical significance and it located at some 4 km from the capital, Pondicherry of the Indian territory of Puducherry.This place is considered an   architectural marvels and it also happened to be the site where Mortimer Wheeler conducted an excavation. The place literally means eroding mound and you can visit it to easily know the reason behind that.

The well-known Arikamedu excavation was done here and items found included Roman lamps, glassware and gems. This established the trade of this place with Roman people in the ancient times when it was a small fishing village. Most of the items found during the excavation was now on display at the Pondicherry museum. As per the findings, this place is said to be a once a major Chola port adept at bead making.

The excavation of Arikamedu also confirmed that this place as inhabited from pre-historic times. Today, this place is famous for its historical significance in the same way for natural and scenic beauty. It’s surrounded by coconut and mangotrees and has a calm feel and look. If nature excites you and you want to a picturesque setting with shades of history, do come here and feel blessed.