The Arch Dam at Idukki Kerala is considered a technological marvel. It’s a remarkable parabolic structure which also happens to only the second arch dam in the world, and the only in Asia. Rising up to the height of 550 feet and having the width of 650 feet, this dam and is situated close to the Cheruthoni barrage. The Kulamavu Dam lies west to this dam and the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary too is nearby.

The Idukki Arch Dam on the Periyar River was completed in 1973, however it was envisioned even before the independence. A major source of power generation for the state, this concrete double and curvature parabolic dam holds immense significance for its design, size and utility. This dam, along with Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams, produce 780 MW hydroelectric power and meet the supply of the region.

In the building of the Idukki Arch Dam, the Government of Canada also contributed at the front of technical and financial support. Owned by the Kerala State Electricity Board, the dam has been assisting in the power generation since 4 October 1975. You should visit this technical and architectural marvel and experience how the state of Kerala meets its power supply effortlessly.