Alchi village in Leh District of Kashmir is known for its Alchi Monastery or Alchi Gompa, a Buddhist monastery. Together with Alchi, there are three villages nearby with many attractions including ‘Alchi group of monuments’. Alchi monastery is not only the most famous attraction in the village but also the oldest one. The monastery is renowned for its unique style and workmanship and catches the attention of tourists.

Alchi Monastery is rich in details of both Buddhism and Hindu kings of the erstwhile period. Its wall paintings are reflection of the artistic and spiritual superiority of that period. Giant statues of the Buddha catch the attention here together with elaborate wood carvings.  The art-work matching the uniqueness of baroque style adds to the overall beauty of the complex.

Located at some 70 km from Leh, Alchi stands proudly on the banks of river Indus and attracts tourists for its wonderful and old monastery. Built on a flat ground, there are two temples in the monastery complex - Alchi Du-khang and the Sum-tsek – which adds to the charms. In overall, Alchi Monastery is a must visit place when you’re in Leh to understand the ancient charms of the place.