The Ajanta Caves are among the world’s greatest monuments recognized by the UNESCO. Located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra – some 55 kms from Jalgaon and about 105 kms from Aurangabad – these caves are a zenith of art, painting and architecture of the ancient India. Dating back from the 2nd century BCE, the caves are 29 rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments including paintings and sculptures.

Ajanta caves are considered among finest specimen of Indian art in general, and painting in particular. They are in fact regarded as masterpieces of Buddhist religious art, and are visited for merits ranging between artistic, religious and spiritual. Their depiction of the Jataka tales and their having the figures of Buddha make it one of most visited sites for Buddhist. The caves in fact draw crowd from across religions.

The caves include chaitya-grihas and monasteries with paintings showing deep religious influence with Buddha. These caves draw a massive crowd right through the year for its architectural excellence and superlative designs visible in the paintings on the walls. The depiction of Buddhist legends and divinities is truly unrivalled at Ajanta, and this is why it ranks among the most visited sites in India.