Agatti Island, on a coral atoll in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, is not only one of most spectacular tropical islands in India but also in the world. Some 5.6 km long, the island delights for its visual spectacles emanating from silvery beaches, gleaming coral reefs, lush green coconut palms and turquoise blue lagoons. The idyllic palm clad islands of Agatti dazzles and shines against the backdrop of the deep blue water of the Arabian Sea.

The island is a picture of serenity as it’s largely untouched by the chaos like other sea-bound resorts. It delights for the surfeit of white waves or foams striking at regular intervals. A visit here guarantees total rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul as it’s a rare place blending the virtues of the green, white and blue together. The beauty here is truly indescribable something that can’t be described in mere few words or adjectives! 

A visit to the Agatti Island opens a vista of prospects for tourists – they can enjoy swimming, relish rowing, go diving in the sea or savor the charms beneath the water surface. Once you’re here, it would feel as if landing up at a place so detached from the worldly turmoil and soaked in genuine natural beauty at every step. Don’t miss this paradise!