The Abbey Falls or the Abbi falls in Coorg, Karnataka is a truly spectacular sight in the midst of the green and serene. Nestled amid a lush and thriving spread of coffee plantation, the falls is a pure delight for tourists. Located near Madikeri town, it delights the senses as the water here falls from a height of 70 feet and creates a visual treat of unrivalled variety. 

The Abbey Falls also catches the attention for its hanging bridge across the gorge from which an incomparable view of the waterfall is had. The green and dense foliage of striking coffee plantations greets the guests who come to savor the beauty of the waterfalls. In reaching here, you’re welcomed by the gorgeous views of stretched out spice estates with trees knotted with pepper vines. 

The breath-taking vista emanating from the sound of the gushing waters falling down a rock-strewn gorge adds to the overall luster of the waterfalls. You can visit the Abbey Falls to revel in its scenic locales around together with feeling the chills of cool waters. Stand on the handing bridge, savor the magnificent views on offer and click photos for pleasant memories.