Built in the shape of a lotus flower, the Lotus Temple in New Delhi is one of seven Bahai's temples in the world. Completed in1986, this iconic structure is famous for its stunning and unique architecture and design and draws art lovers from far off places. Made up of pure white marble and situated in the midst of lush green landscaped gardens, it’s considered an architectural gem in the crown of India. 

Lotus Temple is for people of all faiths as anyone can visit here, meditate and pray. Considered one of the greatest pieces of architecture in New Delhi, the Temple is a major attraction in the capital of India. Also known as Bahai Temple, this white marble gem has a total 27 lotus petals in a symmetrical pattern and give a truly mesmerizing view to onlookers at a distance.

Visited by people of all religious faiths, the Lotus Temple has an unmatched tranquility perfect for meditation purposes. Combining the blend of both traditional and modern engineering designs, the temple is largely made up of cement, marble, sand and dolomite. Surrounded by sparkling pools, a visit to the temple is sure to delight the senses for its unrivalled visual spectacle in architecture.