The image that forever fascinates one after inquiry the name of Sariska is that of the tiger defeat its whiskers and staring at the Television cameras. These descriptions have been beamed in the course of different news and entertainment programmes that the picture is endless. This is place situated at a distance of 110 km from Jaipur and hosts a number of of the most attractive attractions of the region.

The area is enclosed with a few thick forests and the hillocks and valleys of Aravalli mountain range additional improve the splendor of the region of Sariska. Sariska provides a chance to sight tiger, langur, nilgai and different numerous bird species. Though, separately from the wildlife and forest Sariska is bounded by many places of historical interest, interspersed with temples and monuments.

The City is situated in Alwar district and can be measured a vital point for visiting a variety of attractions in its environs. Situated near to Sariska are three old settlements Bhangarh Fort, Ajaibgarh and Pratapgarh. The Sariska land has taken ancestry in these semi dry deserts of Rajasthan and ropes scrub-thorn arid and dry deciduous forests that are complete of rocks and grass patches tangled with a few thick plants. The wildlife present in the area is varied and is a ideal example of flexibility and symbiosis among nature and animals, Rather we human need to appreciate immediately. The climate, as in any desert, is dry and varies towards the extremes.

The place is also famed for old temples and palaces about the city. The temples and chhattris and even the unusual waterfall present an beautiful view. Though, the remains of numerous of these monuments only serve as a prompt of how magnificent the history of this land has been.