Hampi, in Bellary district of southern Indian state of Karnataka, is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO for its glorious history and existing ruins. Once the royal capital of the mighty Vijayanagara Empire, the ruins of ancient palaces and forts dot this city founded in 1336 by Harihara and Bukka. Once the centre of a thriving indigenous culture, Hampi is now a remnant of the past and attracts tourists in great number.

Despite attacks and destruction to its almost entire ancient and historical structures by of Muslim marauders, Hampi still has plenty, including the ruins, to attract tourists here. From sacred temples to splendid palaces to glorious royal structures, tourists get drawn here to take a peek into the glorious past of the city. The Virupaksha temple is one such attraction that is known for valiantly facing the test of the times to still stand erect.

The King's Balance is another place of tourist interest in Hampi, which is visited largely for its imposing built and intricate structure. The Lotus Mahal charms tourists for its seamless fusion of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. The Vithala Temple, on the southern banks of the Tungabhadra River, is another structure that reminds of the splendid past of Hampi.