Bindu Sarovara is a small artificial tank of utmost religious importance for Hindus located in the sacred town of Sidhpur, some 100 km off Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  The holy town has many temples, kunds, ashrams and many other revered structures. This small town finds mention in the Vedas as a ‘Pious Place’, and out of its total of five holy and ancient lakes, Bindu Sarovara is one of them. 

Sidhpur is also known as the “Kashi of North Gujarat” and according to Hindu religious, this place is significant in the same manner as Gaya in Bihar. This place is where offerings are made to the maternal ancestors (in Gaya, it’s made to paternal ancestors). That’s why, this place holds significance as ‘Martu Gaya’ or ‘Matru Shraddh’ and draws people from all parts of the country. 

In a sense, Bindu Sarovar in Siddhpur is the only place in India where Matru-Shradh is performed. This is why this place sees the arrival of thousands of people every year to carry out the rituals for their maternal ancestors in heavenly abode. A big crowd gathers here every year in the month of Kartik of Hindu calendar to do the rituals and make offerings at the lake.